The Tribal Trade Co. Team consists of 100% Indigenous powerhouses who are passionate about innovation, cultural education, and inclusivity.



Creative Director

Mallory is an Anishinaabe-kwe, Ojibway and Potawotami, from Curve Lake First Nation. 

Mallory is an innovator, communications expert, and the founder of Tribal Trade Co.

Mallory is a single momma of 20 month old Jaxxon, a competitive softball pitcher, and hockey player.

Mallory loves to dance Fancy Shawl in Pow Wow's

My Spirit Animal is the RAVEN.

Based on the 7 Grandfather Teaching of Honesty.




Retail Manager

Lacey is Mohawk from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

Lacey has been married for 17 years with 2 children 12 & 14, both playing competitive sports, so any free time is traveling around Ontario.

Her favorite pow wow food is Indian Taco's, and loves reading, baseball, and hockey.

Lacey is most proud of her family, and being part of Tribal Trade Team, as she says our team is absolutely amazing!

Lacey is proud to be part of an Indigenous company, as learning new ways to grow the business and seeing it succeed is so satisfying.

My Spirit Animal is the BUFFALO.

Based on the 7 Grandfather Teaching of Respect.



Operations Assistant

Ryan is Cebuano from Cebu Philippines. The Cebuano people are the largest subgroup of the larger ethnolinguistic group Bisaya, who constitute the largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group in the country.

Ryan's superpower's include content repurposing, organization, and problem solving.

Ryan enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Going outdoors and making sure his baby girl enjoys most of her childhood.

My Spirit Animal is the BUFFALO.

Based on the 7 Grandfather Teaching of Respect.



Marketing Co-ordinator

Caitlin is Mohawk from the Bay of Quinte and from Six Nations. 

Caitlin’s superpowers are in marketing communications, branding, and design.

Her biggest accomplishments include reconnecting with her Indigeneity  at university, and leading her to join an Indigenous company!

Dog Mama of a husky, her favorite pow wow food is Indian Tacos.

My Spirit Animal is the WOLF.

Based on the 7 Grandfather Teaching of Humility.



Community Champion

Laura is L'nu and an Anishinaabe Kwe with French, Irish and Scottish and English/Jersey heritage.

Laura is also an artist, who paints, draws and beads!

Her favourite pow wow food is most definitely the Indian taco! Yum!

She loves to learn about plant medicine, history and going on adventures!

Laura is really proud of all her children and all they have accomplished in life so far, and is also very proud to be part of the Tribal Trade Co family.

My Spirit Animal is the BEAVER.

Based on the 7 Grandfather Teaching of Wisdom.



Operations Manager

Matt is Mohawk from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory (Kanien'keha:ka), Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.

Matt's superpower's include Operations Management, business start-ups and IT.

Matt is a single dad of two kids, aged 14 and 10. His passions include seeing his kids thrive through their personal interests and his ever growing love of entrepreneurship.

My Spirit Animal is the BEAR.

Based on the 7 Grandfather Teaching of Bravery.



Head Elder

Susie is an Anishinaabe-kwe, Ojibway, from Curve Lake First Nation. 

As a very well-respected Knowledge Keeper, Pow Wow Elder, and cultural speaker, Susie has had decades of experience leading sacred Indigenous ceremonies, and passing down teachings to her children and grandchildren. 

Susie has life-long experience hunting, fishing, trapping, and was taught well by her parents to live off the land.

Susie enjoy’s spending her time with extended family, and keeping her ancestral traditions alive every day. 

My Spirit Animal is the BEAVER.

Based on the 7 Grandfather Teaching of Wisdom.

Our mission is to connect tribal people, being Indigenous or non-Indigenous, as they continue to learn and celebrate their connection to their heritage

Who we are in 3 words:

1. Indigenous

Specifically, we are primarily members of the Anishnaabek nation of Curve Lake First Nation, but our team consists of a diverse group from the Iroquois, and Cree nations as well.

2. Contemporary

We are a young team of passionate, creative people who represent new thinking - with a mindset that anything is possible if you’re crazy enough to try.

3. Inclusive

As our traditional teachings have taught us, all nations on mother earth are equally connected to the creator, we have open arms and love for YOU no matter where you come from, or how you choose to be happy.


There are tribal people that are living across Turtle Island (North America) who feel a significant need to connect with their heritage, who they are, and with each other.

We are inclusive to all, meaning we don’t measure what percentage of lineage you have or how much ancestral native you are. If we can support you in your journey of feeling connected by learning and celebrating the indigenous culture - therefore growing as a human being - then we’ve done our job.