Stories from People who Decided it was Time to Redefine their Journey using Indigenous Teachings and Transform Their Resilience


Here's why our students say, “I’ve spent years trying to learn Indigenous Culture and this is by far the most clear, comprehensive, and actionable”:

Christine White

“I have found so much through Smudge Circle that has made so much of my life finally make sense! I have felt a deeper connection and purpose than I have in a very long time. I look forward to the net step in my journey ❤️”

JoAnne Lanktree

“This provided me with deeper understanding of the sacred medicines, the smudging process, and most importantly, the medicine wheel.”

Ellie Griffen

“The program made me grow as a native woman who had to learn my culture on my own and I gained a deeper understanding of smudging and the medicine wheel.”

I don’t know if I would have learned these lessons, teachings, rituals, and truths about my indigeneity without this course. So a sincere and heartfelt thank you and hats off to you Mallory!

— Barbie Arsenault

Colleen Bruce

I really appreciate that Mallory is sharing the Indigenous Culture with such respect and enthusiasm, as an ally that grew up in a community that was majority Indigenous I loved being included in the culture and learning a love of the land, people, animals, and plants

Mark Lindquist

“A blend of culture and spiritual readiness gave me a lot of heart, something I've been searching for. Personally I feel blessed I've been able to take lessons and teachings and apply it to my life.”

Deborah Derr

I now have a deeper sense of self, a deeper connection to my culture and I have a clearer understanding and pride in who I am.”

Smudge circle was exactly what I needed. It gave some reassurance that I do know more than I thought and that's important because I struggle with not being native enough or enough to teach my kids and others. This helped me have confidence and self esteem knowing I do have some knowledge!

— Christian Bonner

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"With the realization that our Indigenous teachings covered all of the same topics surrounding growth & resiliency, I learned to combine the new tools and practices with traditional teachings of living a balanced, happy life."

Meet Mallory

Kate Reeves Rule

Goal: Cultural Awareness

"Mallory has clearly explained the foundations of the Indigenous belief system in a structured and documented format."

Shaun Hayward

Goal: Cultural Identity

“Mallory’s openness to anyone who wishes to learn was very helpful. Smudge Circle holds the potential to be the most significant step so far in putting my daughter in touch with her roots.”

“I always wanted to learn more and wasn’t sure where to go. This program has been excellent. Super thorough and clear. It’s been so incredible. The entire journey has planted so many seeds in my heart that I know will blossom for years to come.”

— Tom Gardener

Cece Pitts Henderson

Goal: Personal Growth

"I was very happy to find this online course that offers me the opportunity to receive culturally appropriate Indigenous teachings and grants me the privilege of honouring my ancestors respectfully."

Cora Rose Kleiner

Goal: Cultural Identity

“I am grateful for these opportunities. Mallory's videos have helped me so much in the last few months, I am so willing and humbled to learn more.”

Frances M Yellowhair

Goal: Personal Growth

"Mallory and Tribal Trade Co has enlightened me to be more courageous, realistic and kind to myself!"

Tracey Laboucan-Carter

Goal: Personal Growth

“I want to thank Mallory, Tribal Trade and all of the staff that made this possible. I learned a lot about myself and I am grateful for the tools to keep me resilient.”

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Tanya S.

"Smudge Circle really opened my eyes to what these traditions and practices mean, and made me feel a reconnection to the culture and to my own ancestors. Learning from Mallory's curriculum was like learning from a trusted and patient friend, and having a group of other like minded women to talk with felt like I was in a safe place to learn and grow."

Marga B.

"I am on the right track! So much recognition and rediscovering of who I am through this beautiful course. I always get emotional when I smudge as it brings me so much peace and in touch with myself again. I am so grateful that I gained so much more information and tools to smudge with more awareness and with setting clear intentions."

Melinda B.

""This is a wonderful resource to learn and open up doors to being part of something much greater, important, and valuable that I will take with me for life.

Miigwech, and I’m truly grateful.""

Meet Mallory,

Anishinaabe-kwe from Curve Lake First Nation, and the Founder of Tribal Trade Co.

Having a lifetime of experience balancing a traditional Indigenous culture, and a contemporary lifestyle, she facilitates Indigenous Culture Training workshops, & programs to help Indigenous people and allies to learn, connect and celebrate Indigenous culture.

Susan L. Mark

Goal: Indigenous Ally & Personal Growth

"I love the culture and I know this is going to be life-changing for me. I now know about medicines, world views, medicine wheel.
It has given me the tools for a rich spiritual life, and an understanding of indigenous ways."

Christian Bonner

“Smudge circle was exactly what I needed. It gave some reassurance that I do know more than I thought and that's important because I struggle with not being native enough or enough to teach my kids and others . This helped me have confidence and self esteem knowing I do have some knowledge.”

Arlene W.

"Taking the Smudge Circle course helped me continue to grow and understand more about how we can use all these tools to move forward, to help one another continue and thrive as Indigenous People. I am ever learning about our traditional medicines, and learning from the Elders how to survive through this pandemic.”

If committing to learning and applying Indigenous teachings to your life feels scary for you, listen up...

Every journey starts with one decision.

If the questions "who am I to learn sacred Indigenous teachings? - when I'm non-Indigenous." or "I don't feel native enough to practice the culture" are coming up for you, know that these questions came up for every single success story you see on this page.

Whether you've never learned any Indigenous teachings before, you have no idea how to smudge or practice any ceremonies, or you're trying to learn to be a positive Indigenous ally - we ALL start somewhere. What matters most is your willingness to embrace new challenges, and continue moving forward in your own personal growth.

Each of these success stories started with one thing:


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There are tribal people that are living across Turtle Island (North America) who feel a significant need to connect with their heritage, who they are, and with each other.

We are inclusive to all, meaning we don’t measure what percentage of lineage you have or how much ancestral native you are. If we can support you in your journey of feeling connected by learning and celebrating the Indigenous culture - therefore growing as a human being - then we’ve done our job.